Unraveling how human genes affect infection severity

Molecular Genetics

Studying the impact of mutant genotypes at the molecular, cellular, and immunological levels.

Computational Genetics

Developing new computational and statistical methods to decipher human genetic data.


Lab Legacy

Through our multidisciplinary research over the last three decades, working in the ‘City of Light’ and the ‘City that Never Sleeps’, and in collaboration with clinicians and scientists in over 100 countries, the HGID lab has improved the lives of patients and their families worldwide.

1,000+ Collaborators Worldwide

Why do infections impact individuals differently?

Our lab investigates why certain individuals develop severe diseases during initial infection, while most others remain unaffected, as well as why some individuals are resistant to the infection itself.

New York

The New York branch is located at the Rockefeller University in New York, NY.


The Paris branch is located at the Imagine Institute of the Necker Hospital for Sick Children in Paris, France.

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Disease-causing genes identified



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Get to know the members of the lab!

Like the DNA double helix, the two branches of the lab intertwine to form the HGID team.

Focused teams

Brain and Lung Viruses

Skin Viruses

Autoantibodies to Cytokines

Mycobacterial Diseases

Computational Genetics

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We are actively recruiting patients

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Alumni & Collaborators Testimonials

Satoshi Okada

Former trainee, collaborator

“United effort, soaring to greater heights together.”

András Spaan

Former trainee, collaborator

“Dedicated to understanding the underlying causes of infectious diseases, Jean-Laurent’s mentorship has been foundational in my training as a physician-scientist. By being unconditionally supportive, Jean-Laurent has given me complete freedom to pursue my scientific ambitions.”

Alexandre Bolze

Former trainee, collaborator

“Doing my PhD in the lab at RU was a fantastic experience. I learned everything about science and gained friends and collaborators for life. 10 years after the end of my PhD, I still collaborate with the lab, and with the labs of other HGID alumni.”